Rentals & Property Management

Rentals & Property Management


We are a full service property management company.  That means that we have the expertise to assist you in managing one or many investment properties.  Whether you already own your investment property or you are just beginning to build your investment portfolio, we are here to provide you with the expertise, guidance, and assistance you will need from the consultation to the closing and overall management of the property, we free you from the day to day duties of administration.  Below is a detailed list of the services that we provide.  These can be custom tailored to suit each investor's needs:


We will provide you with a Free Consultation to include an ROI Financial Market Analysis, review product availability, and discuss our property management practices with you in detail.  We can also customize a management package to suit your financial needs and goals.

Property Marketing

We leverage the most up-to-date social media platforms along with our nationwide MLS system to capture the widest pool of prospective quality tenants.  In addition to placing physical signage on the property, we prepare custom brochures highlighting the properties' features inside the home and collect valuable feedback from each showing to ensure we are on point with what today's tenants are seeking.  We re-advertise your property well before a tenant's lease is up in order to minimize any vacancies.

Tenant Screening and placement

We have an extensive and thorough tenant screening process to include a comprehensive credit review,  civil and criminal background check, and employment verification in order to ensure we find just the right fit for your property.  We prepare the lease and have it reviewed and signed by our corporate attorneys and provide the new tenant with a comprehensive "Move-In Packet".

Rent Collection

We collect and process the applicable deposits & monthly rents, pay invoices, and provide direct deposit into the owner's account.

Maintenance/Property Inspections

We coordinate all maintenance issues from the initial call to completion of the repair, including monitoring the work, making sure required permits are pulled, inspecting the completed work, paying each vendor, and providing you with photos of same.  We utilize some of the best contractors/service providers the Space Coast has to offer.  These partnerships ensure you are receiving top quality work on your property at the best price!


Leave this to us!  We have a designated office administrator that handles all aspects of record keeping and will email you an Owner's Report each month detailing all financial transactions that took place.

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